Lack of concentrated effort


A big problem I faced right now is the lack of concentrated effort. There are too many sporadic todos I can check everyday, but the gain from checking 10 items is not as impressive as checking 3 items hardly.

The only habit I am able to persist for a long while is going to the gym. I managed to put myself into the weighting room 3-4 times a week for the past 6-month, and it feels so good. The consistent effort, though only granting incremental improvement everyday, gives a big leap forward when I look back. It also helps me builds up a deeper understanding into body training and my own body. I can now make subtle adjustment on what kind of training is more suitable to me, make dietary plans that I feel more comfortable to persist etc. I have lots of data points that can be used to train my own mental model useful to understand the causal questions or make predictions.

On contrary, sporadic efforts are quite ineffective. That's why my guitar skill doesn't improve at all in the past 6-month. I only practiced ~2 times per week. Every time when I'm doing the practice, I already forgot what I practiced last time and my fingers feel quite clumsy. It took at least half of the practice time to get my finger ready and review the stuff I learned last time. It's imaginable that consistent practice will keep my finger nimble everyday and I can improve much more.

Same problem also applied to my learning of econometrics, blockchain, investment, and paper reading in a field etc. I have too many clues in life, but too little concentrated and consistent effort in a single item.

In a world of fragmentation, if I want to achieve anything significant, it's important to bring focus and consistence back to life.

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